the project

This (as yet untitled) documentary project invites theater artists, administrators, designers, technicians, performers, producers, critics, staff, volunteers—anyone who makes (or made, prior to the pandemic) their living, either financially or spiritually, in the theater—to reflect on the way their experience of work has changed over the course of the past year, and on how the way they live their lives has changed as a result. This project’s specific inquiry will explore work in four different categories:

1. Employment
2. Creative work
3. Domestic/care/volunteer/other work
4. “Doing the work” of racial and social justice

The project seeks to ask of those who engage with these forms of labor: What do you do? How do you do it? How has your work changed since February 2020? The investigation into these questions will manifest physically (sometime during summer 2021) as a video project of interviews, and as a zine of creative dispatches from the “working” lives of theater folk who are piecing together the practicalities of how to make a life away from the stage in the midst of an international pandemic and a national racial reckoning, both of which have exposed how the old, unprobed ways of working are not . . . working.

The project in its ideal form will provide a unique snapshot of individuals navigating an unprecedented moment in the theater and how they’re getting by.

If you’re an interested theater artist or arts worker, there are a few ways to get involved:
1. Take the survey of questions about the four areas of work outlined above. The responses from this survey will be incorporated into both the film and the print projects. Once you’re done with the survey, share it with your friends and colleagues.
2. Sit for a filmed interview.* These interviews can happen either on a socially-distant walk (if you’re in the New York area) or over Zoom. It’ll be super chill and fun!
3. Contribute to the zine.* The zine can include essays, working diaries, photo essays, calendar entries, manifestos, dreams, drawings, and other ephemera that represent what working means and looks like in your life now.

*All video participants and zine contributors will receive a small stipend.

If you’re interested in setting up an interview or contributing to the zine, contact me at
Or, leave your information below, tell me what you’d like to do in the message field, and you’ll be contacted with further information.