No Play


No play is a book about how we define and experience work in the theater and in our lives.


In an industry where “the show must go on,” what happens to the culture of overwork, and the people in its grasp, when the show stops? No Play, comprises interviews and survey responses from over 100 theater practitioners, collected between Janurary and April 2021, trying to define themselves, their work, and the function of both in uncertain economic, interpersonal, and sociopolitical landscapes.

Read the introduction to the book here.

Full list of contributors here.

All interviews conducted by Ife Olujobi. No Play is edited and designed by Ife Olujobi.

100% of proceeds from the book go to:

Lenape Center

Black Trans Liberation

See Lighting Foundation

Access Acting Academy

Max two books per order, please contact if you’d like more.


Correction (7/28/21): Project contributor Dominique Rider’s name is spelled incorrectly in print (it’s Rider, not Ryder)


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